Re-upholstery can give older, quality furniture a look that is as good, and sometime ever better, than new. It’s a decision that many people come to face in their life. Do you get rid of grandma’s old chair? You know deep down in your heart you just can’t part with it; too many memories right? But the chair’s fabric is worn out, faded and might even smell a little funny. Its pattern has gone out of style with today’s decorating trends and also with the look of your living room. Family heirlooms are difficult to part with, but when it comes to furniture, you don’t have to.

Furniture Frame

In many cases, that old chair or sofa may actually have better structural integrity than any new furniture does that is available today. It’s all in the frame. Furniture that is fifteen to twenty years old have a hard wood frame and joints that are secured with dowels and special glues. Think of it this way, if your old furniture has stood up to daily living use for the last twenty years or plus, then it is probably a really great piece of furniture or it would not have lasted this long. Good frames do not wear out and they are the foundation for any durable piece of furniture that intends to stick around for years to come. Re-upholstering an older piece of furniture with Quality Decorating will result in a custom piece that will be of higher and more dependable quality than anything you can purchase today.

Re-Upholstery Fabrics

Once you’ve decided that your old piece of furniture is worth keeping, any guilt or worry you had about getting rid of it will be off your shoulders. One great thing about having the option to re-upholster an older piece today are the thousands of different up-holster fabric options you have. Your grandma may have only been faced with the decision of two different colors. Today there are so many different textures, patterns and colors to choose from. If there is a specific look you are searching for, you are most likely to find it given all the so many different trends that exist in today’s interior design world. Check out our preferred fabric manufacturers here.

Furniture Restoration

Quality Decorating will assist you in successfully restoring that sentimental chair or sofa that looked old and outdated, into a piece of furniture that looks brand new, beautiful and will be the show case piece of your living room. Call Quality Decorating to re-upholster your old, but dependable furniture items.